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Tips for a better wedding film

We want you to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible.  For this reason, we like to be as unobtrusive and try to let everything unfold as naturally as possible.  That is how we get the best organic footage and capture the most out of everyones natural emotions.  However, there are a few things that can help to make the whole wedding day go as smooth as possible, and make for the best possible content for your film.



Firstly, it is important to know the difference between a wedding videographer and a wedding cinematographer.  Wedding videos and wedding cinema have often be mistaken for one another lately. Although the two may seem similar, there are key differences that distinguish a unique wedding video shot from a videographer and from a cinematographer. 

A videographer is generally someone recording an event from beginning to end, simply capturing whats going on and thats it. A cinematographer uses storytelling to create a more dynamic movie to keep your attention from beginning to end.  It's like comparing a home video to a movie. We use essential elements such as video, music, and audio (particularly dialogue) to uniquely tell the story of the couple.  We use these pieces to enhance the feelings of each moment. 

With wedding cinematography, we also tend to use a bit more equipment to give your film a more natural and cinematic vibe.  We use cameras with interchangeable lenses and  tools such as silders, glidecams, monopods, tripods, and off camera lights which all come together to make your wedding video feel more like a movie rather than a home video. 

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Audio might be THE most important aspect of our wedding films.  In wedding cinematography, dialogue is the backbone of a perfect video; it's the passion from when you recite your vows, it's the motivation the officiants speech about you two starting your life together,  it's the laughter that filled the ballroom during your best friends toast.  All of this audio is something you will never get to hear ever again unless you had cinema coverage of your wedding.  We have an array of microphones and audio recording equipment for different scenarios, and do whatever we can to capture the cleanest audio.  So please trust and allow us to do what we can to get the best results for your wedding film, YOU WONT REGRET IT!




We realized this is real life and things happen, but the most important thing for your wedding day is to make sure everything is on schedule.  Aside from the events of the day, it is imperative to photo and video that certain things like prep don't run late.  If certain things run late, then it's less time for us to capture or set up for something else that could be as or more important.  This may ultimately hurt the content for your final wedding cinema film.  

There are a couple of ways to avoid this as much as possible.  One way to get the most out of your wedding day is to have everything at one location.  By having the prep, ceremony, and reception at the same venue or hotel, you save a ton of time on traveling throughout the day not only for yourselves, but for your bridal party, guests, and vendors.  If you cut out a half hour from your prep location to the ceremony, then another half hour to your venue afterwords, you already save an hour of your day that you can use for photos, video, or spend more time with your guests.  Many vendors, including photographer and cinematographers, base their packages on hours throughout the day.  If you have a 8 hour package and an hour and a half is spent traveling, thats a good chunk of time lost that can be spent getting once in a life time photos and video on your wedding day for you to remember for the rest of your life.  It also eliminates the possibility of traffic in between and people being late.

We try to take care of another way of avoiding running behind schedule.  About 1 month before your wedding day, we send out a final questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be very detailed with times arriving and leaving at each location, who and what is involved, etc. and this helps us create a special itinerary just for your day.  This way we can also plan ahead for our cinema team to make the most out of your day and plan in case something does go wrong. 

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Welcome to 2017, where everyone has a camera on them 24/7.  Some couples consider photography and cinematography the most important investment when planning their wedding, and the very shot they look forward to the most may not be possible due to an iPad or iPhone blocking our cameras.  We understand that all your friends and family are excited for you and can't wait to share your special moment on their Facebook and Instagram.  Guests sometimes also don't understand that their are professionals hired by the bride and groom being paid to do the same.  Being in the moment, certain guests might not realize they are getting in the way of us and potentially blocking and ruining one of our shots.  On a movie set you can retake the shot, but a wedding is real life and we don't have a second take on the bride walking down the isle, or your first kiss as husband and wife.  This is why "unplugged weddings" have been becoming more and more popular.  Your guests should be there to enjoy the celebration and be there with you for this very special moment in your life.  Wouldn't you rather have your guests cheer and applaud for you at the alter rather than stand their behind their cameras or phones?  Here are 2 great articles with a lot more info and suggestions on how to go about having your wedding unplugged:

Photos courtesy of: Corey Ann Photography & Kaitlin Noel Photography

Photos courtesy of: Corey Ann Photography & Kaitlin Noel Photography


This is a film about YOUR wedding, so make it yours.  Any little details you have can make your film one of a kind.  First looks, reveals, gift exchanges, personal letters, or any activities with friends or family before your ceremony are great elements to making a unique wedding film, and once in a lifetime memories to watch forever.

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