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A wedding is a life altering moment with a unique and powerful story that can be remembered forever through quality cinematography.

At Cinema-Roll, we have 15 years of experience behind the camera.  Beyond our cinema services, we also provide meaningful relationships with our clients. We believe this is necessary to better tell their love story in a genuine way that is specific to each couple.  

Months or even years go into planning every last detail for your one special day, and we at Cinema-Roll understand that out of all of your wedding expenses (flowers, alcohol, food, cake, venue accommodations, DJ, band, make up, etc.), video and photos are the only thing that will increase in value over time.  This motivates us to make the most emotional, fun and entertaining film we can possibly make each and every time, and our couples being blown away or crying tears of joy when they first see their film is what keeps us going.  Our job is to create a time-capsule for you and your significant other to “have and to hold” forever.

Your beautiful centerpieces, your bridal party’s sweet and embarrassing speeches, your first dance and the way you look at each other like there’s no where else you’d rather be. We don’t ever want those perfect and precious moments to be lost. We capture every last detail, no posing, no polishing, you in your natural beautiful form, your hard work and planning embodied in film for years to come.

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